What to Drink After Exercise to Lose Weight

While there are pros and cons to both extremes (i.e., drinking too much vs. drinking not enough), most people can agree that drinking after workout is better than not drinking at all. Nowadays, after exercise classes have been replaced by personal computers and technology has taken over the world, there is no reason for anyone to be idle anymore. Thus, exercise has become a permanent part of our daily lives and drinking has become an essential requirement for the modern, active lifestyle. However, not all drinks are created equal, and although some people may thrive on the energizing effects of alcohol, others may not. This is why it is important to know what type of drink provides the best workout boost and weight loss advantages. Let’s explore¬†.

The Best Drinks For Weight Loss

Many people think that alcohol is synonymous with weight loss, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, some studies suggest that drinking too much alcohol may increase the risk of obesity. With that being said, there are some drinks that are proven to be effective for weight loss and working out, and below we will discuss the reasons why.


When we exercise, our bodies lose a good amount of fluids. This is a physiological response to keep us hydrated. Therefore, after we work out, it’s best to drink plenty of water to avoid any health problems. It has also been shown in studies that drinking water after workout can reduce the chances of you gaining weight. Moreover, you may lose a few pounds just by drinking enough water to satisfy your thirst. In fact, if you are not drinking enough fluids, you may develop an undernourished state, which in turn can cause you to gain weight. So, it’s essential that you drink after workout.

Green Tea

Another healthy drink that has been proven to aid in weight loss is green tea. According to research, people who regularly consume green tea see significant improvements in their overall health, including reductions in body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It has been suggested that the potent nutrients in green tea may help to boost the efficiency of muscle cells and improve insulin sensitivity. Moreover, drinking green tea may reduce the risk of you becoming overweight or obese. However, if you overdose on green tea, you may experience some rather unpleasant side effects, such as diarrhea and headaches. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed upon that green tea is good for your health, and in particular, for aiding in weight loss.

Red Wine

Red wine is another well-known alcoholic drink that has been proven to aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that people who drink wine have lower BMIs and body fat percentages than non-drinkers. In fact, some research suggests that alcohol may alter the way our bodies function, resulting in the body trying to regulate its weight. Moreover, drinking wine has been shown to increase the amount of calories we burn during sleep, so it’s no wonder why many people feel that it helps with weight loss. However, it’s not always beneficial to drink wine; sometimes it can cause hair loss. Still, most people experience great benefits from drinking wine, mainly because it helps with relaxation and lowers anxiety. So, if you are looking for a drink that aids in weight loss, than red wine is the clear choice.

Whiskey And Vodka

Whisky (or whiskey) and vodka are other popular alcoholic drinks that have been proven to help with weight loss. Whiskey has been shown to increase the amount of calories we burn while sleeping, so it may be ideal for people looking to lose weight. Still, vodka has been known to cause dehydration, so it’s not the best choice for people engaged in intense workouts. However, both whiskey and vodka have been demonstrated to increase the metabolism and energy of the body, so they may be good for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, some people may find that both vodka and whiskey reduce their appetite and thus help them to lose weight.


Beer is yet another option available to people who want to lose weight. This popular drink has been around for centuries and has been consumed across the world. There is an abundance of evidence suggesting that beer decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Moreover, people who drink beer have lower BMIs than non-drinkers. In fact, some research suggests that it may be the alcohol component of beer that gives it its beneficial effects on the human body. The antioxidants within beer may neutralize free radicals released during the process of metabolism, resulting in fewer cellular damages. Thus, beer may be good for the human body in general and for weight loss in particular.

It should be noted that some people who drink beer may experience some unpleasant side effects, such as diarrhea and stomach aches. However, these are rare occurrences and most people enjoy the benefits that beer provides.

When choosing drinks for your workout regimen, keep in mind that some drinks are better than others. To ensure that your workout is as effective as possible, it is advisable to choose drinks that enhance your body’s performance rather than inhibiting it. As mentioned above, some drinks can cause you to gain weight rather than lose it, so it is essential that you are aware of what can make you put on a pound or two, and which drink will help you to shed those extra pounds. Moreover, the above-mentioned drinks have all been demonstrated to improve athletic performance. So, if you are looking to lose weight or want to enhance your workout, then these drinks may be the answer you’re looking for.