Does Your Metabolism Slow Down When You Lose Weight?

Being overweight or obese reduces your metabolic rate, making it harder for your body to break down food and release energy. If you’re struggling with weight loss and wondering if your metabolism has slowed down, read on.

Your Metabolism Is Affected By Your Body Size

When you’re carrying excess weight, you’re putting your body into a different hormonal and metabolic state than when you’re at your ideal weight. As a result, your body uses calories more efficiently when you’re at your ideal weight. When you’re overweight or obese, your body has to work harder to break down food and release energy, making it more difficult to lose weight.

There are other factors that impact your metabolism, including stress and sleep. Make sure you’re not over eating or consuming alcohol, which both reduce your metabolic rate. Getting adequate sleep also helps your body restore and repair itself, as well as increase fat burning. On the other hand, exercise boosts your metabolism, making it easier to burn calories and lose weight.

What Is The Metabolism Number On Your Plate?

Your metabolic rate, or the number of calories you need to maintain your current body weight, is known as your ‘metabolism number’ (or ‘metabotype’) and it can vary greatly. For example, someone who weighs 10kg (22 lbs) and is 1.7m (5 ft 7 in) tall has a metabolism number of 1470 calories per day. Keep in mind that your daily calories need depend on many factors, including your height, weight, and BMI (body mass index).

To calculate your daily calories, use this form

To find your daily calories, input your weight, height, and then select your gender. If you’re a woman, you can also check your menopausal status.

Your metabolism slows down when you’re overweight or obese due to a variety of factors, including hormonal changes and structural alterations in your body. If you’re wondering if your metabolism has slowed down, try one of these tips to boost your body’s fat-burning machine and get your desired result.