Does Water Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

Fasting from food is one of the oldest ways of losing weight. While it’s not a new concept, there has been a revival in the practice recently, driven by social media and celebrity influences. Proponents claim that by avoiding food and drink for a set period of time, they can lose more weight than they normally would in a day. Is it a sustainable strategy? Or, is there another option that might be better for your waistline? Let’s explore.

The Rationale Behind Water Fasting

The idea of water fasting is to drastically reduce your daily fluid intake to facilitate fat loss. While there are a number of health benefits to this practice, if you’re looking for quick weight loss, the premise of water fasting might not be for you. Here’s why.

Water Provides Essential Nutrients

If you’re not getting your daily recommended intake of fluids, you’re essentially leaving yourself at risk of dehydration. This makes it harder for your body to metabolize food and lose weight. Simply drinking more water might not be enough. You might also need to consider other options.

Supplements Can Help

There is no denying that food supplements can help with weight loss. However, not all supplements are made equal, and you need to be mindful of which ones might be most beneficial to you. If you’re looking for a quick fix but don’t want to go down the water fasting path, consider trying a supplement that contains the hormone cortisol. Derived from natural sources, cortisol helps to regulate your appetite and trigger lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat cells. A recent clinical trial conducted at the University of Texas revealed that overweight adults who consumed a placebo showed a significant increase in waist circumference and showed no change in weight after six months, while those who took the supplement showed a modest decrease in both waist circumference and body weight.

No Snacking Allowed

Reducing the amount of snacks and treats you eat has many advantages. Not only does it help control your appetite, but it also facilitates weight loss. If you’re looking for a strategy to shed off those last few stubborn pounds, consider a diet that allows you to eat only what you need. If you find that watching what you eat leads to unhealthy food cravings, consider alternative options such as a water fast or taking supplements to help with weight loss.