Does Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

In the past few years, e-cigarettes have become incredibly popular. Since their introduction, people have been dreaming of the day they could shed off those extra kilos. Could e-cigarettes be the answer to their prayers?

There are many different e-cigarette products on the market, each offering something slightly different. Below, we’ll explore the various types of e-cigarettes and the ways in which they function, as well as the weight loss benefits of each.

The Diverse Types Of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes can be quite the diversity machine, offering a range of different flavours, strengths, and styles. To fully understand how vaping works, you first need to learn a little bit about how it’s constructed (hence the reason for the heavy machinery in the background).

The vast majority of e-cigarettes are built using three major components: liquid, nicotine, and cartridge (the part which inhales the liquid).

The first and most essential of these is the liquid. This is what you will actually be inhaling, and it’s what makes vaping so much more effective and pleasurable than ordinary cigarettes. It varies in strength from very weak to very strong, and this is what determines how much of a “kick” you will get out of your e-cig. The liquid is produced using food-grade flavourings and pure nicotine.

If you’re an experienced vaper, you likely already know that liquids come in a range of different strengths. While some juices are perfect for relaxing and calming down, others are highly effective when used in vape cartridges for cheap, potent e-cigarettes. For instance, while 1 ml of eliquid will likely never be enough for some people, it can certainly power through for those who are looking to get a more significant kick from their e-cig.

The Vaping Experience

When you inhale through an e-cigarette, you’re actually not vapourising food or water (as it would do in a conventional cigarette), but instead, you’re inhaling an aerosol, which is a combination of liquid and powdered substances. This is why an e-cigarette provides such a distinct experience from a conventional cigarette, and it’s what allows it to be a more effective tool for weight loss. Let’s take a look at each component in turn.

The Aerosol (Mist)

When you inhale an e-cigarette, you’ll feel a sensation which is somewhere between swallowing a lungful of smoke and drinking a glass of vinegar. One of the most noticeable differences is the fact that when you inhale through an e-cigarette, the resulting mist will not contain any carcinogens or harmful toxins.

This is because the aerosol is produced using “advanced vaping technologies” which isolate and remove these chemicals from the vapour, resulting in an extremely clean and safe aerosol. While it may be an acquired taste, most people will tell you that it is not unpleasant and that it does indeed have a very distinct flavour which can be quite enjoyable.

The Liquid

The liquid which you inhale through an e-cigarette will always be a food-grade flavoured liquid which is made using either vegetable glycerin (vegetable gum) or propylene glycol.

These are natural compounds which are extremely safe to eat and drink and do not affect your health in any way. For those who are seeking the advantages of vaping without the carcinogens found in traditional tobacco products, these liquids are perfect. However, if you’re a fan of the traditional taste, you can use any type of liquid which you want, as long as it’s safe to eat and drink. Some e-cigarette liquids even come with an added kick, which can make it more effective for those who are seeking a stronger buzz. This is achieved using different substances such as glycerin, propylene glycol, or by adding a few drops of liquid caffeine.

The Cartridge

The last and perhaps most important component of an e-cigarette is the cartridge. This is the part which actually contains the liquid, and it is here that you’ll find the nicotine which is being delivered to your brain when you inhale. As mentioned before, there are many different cartridges available to suit different needs and desires, with varying strengths of nicotine ranging from 0.3 mg/ml to 1.8 mg/ml.

It is also possible to find e-cigarettes where the cartridge is replaced after each use, meaning you don’t have to buy a new one as often as with conventional cigarettes. The cartridges range in price from a few dollars to a couple of hundred, depending on the size and strength of the contained nicotine and whether or not they contain any additional flavourings.

Now that you have an idea of the various components of an e-cigarette and how they work together, it’s time to examine the various types of e-cigarettes available and their weight loss benefits. Do you want to know which type of e-cigarette is best suited to your needs and desires? Keep reading.

The Propylene Glycol Vs. Vegetable Glycerin Debate

Vegetable glycerin is an excellent alternative to propylene glycol for those who want to avoid the latter’s side effects. It’s an ingredient which is found in many food and drink products, and it’s also incredibly useful when making pharmaceuticals and solvents (chemicals which dissolve other substances).

In comparison to propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin has a distinct flavour which is less likely to be detected by those who are not used to it. It also has a greater ability to dissolve other substances, making it suitable for use in vape carts or other types of e-cigarette devices. This is primarily due to its polar nature, which promotes easier absorption into the lungs. That being said, neither substance is inherently better than the other, and it is up to the individual to decide what flavour they want their e-cigarette to have.