Does Peppermint Tea Help Lose Weight?

Peppermint tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In fact, it’s so popular that even its producer, Twinings, has had to innovate ways to keep up with demand. The tea is known for its ability to restore freshness to food and drink items that have been exposed to high temperatures (think: dehydrating heat of the sun). And while that might not exactly resonate as an advertisement for weight loss, it’s enough to make you wonder if drinking the tea could help with shedding those extra pounds around your midsection.

The Science Of Peppermint

It’s well documented that peppermint tea can help regulate blood sugar levels and therefore, potentially, prevent many chronic diseases. But did you know that it also has the ability to stop food spoilage? When exposed to high temperatures, most foods will start to deteriorate. However, peppermint tea is able to restore nutrients to foods that have been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Even more remarkably, it has been shown to do so without any additives or preservatives. Just what makes peppermint tea so special is still not exactly known, but it’s presumably something to do with the presence of menthol.

There is also evidence that peppermint tea may be able to prevent alcohol intake. Menthol, which is present in large amounts in peppermint, has been known to lessen the effects of alcohol on the body. It’s thought that the combination of menthol and alcohol may have synergistic effects, which could explain why alcoholics have sometimes been known to prefer peppermint tea to plain old water. However, this has not yet been established in clinical trials.

The Health Benefits Of Peppermint

If you’re looking for a tea to lose weight, peppermint tea is certainly worth a try. There is some evidence that drinking the tea can help to promote weight loss by increasing the amount of energy that you expend while cooking or by simply giving you a boost of freshness when you need it. Furthermore, peppermint tea has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, which means that it could potentially alleviate some of the discomfort that some people experience when they are trying to lose weight. The list of health benefits that stem from consuming peppermint tea is endless, but it really does depend on how you use it and how often you drink it. If you’re looking for a new way to shed those extra pounds, give peppermint tea a try, but be sure to drink it in moderation.