Does Linzess Help You Lose Weight?

Fitness and nutrition trends come and go, but there are a select few that truly challenge the way we look at diets and exercise. One of these extraordinary food supplements is called Linzess, which recently hit the U.S. market. Developed in Switzerland, Linzess is available in a variety of forms, including drops, gels, and chewable tablets. If you’re wondering whether or not Linzess is right for you, here’s what you should know.

An Important Note On Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed some pounds, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to understand what is causing you to put on extra weight in the first place. While there are a number of possible reasons, the most common one is an unhealthy diet. If you’re eating too much sugar, you’re going to gain weight. If you’re not getting the right nutrients from the food you eat, you’re also going to put on weight. There are also genetic factors that cause some people to gain weight and some others to lose it. For this reason, if you are struggling with weight loss, then it’s probably a good idea to try and locate the root of the problem before starting any diet plan.

Overview Of The Product

As the name would suggest, Linzess comes in the form of a purple colored crystal. The crystal form is also referred to as the crystalline form because it is a solid at room temperature and can be easily dissolved in liquid. The exact composition of the purple colored crystal is a closely guarded secret, but it’s generally made up of vitamin C, ferulic acid, and myricetin.

The substance was first isolated from the bark of a mountain pine tree in 1826, and it wasn’t until the early 1900s that scientists discovered its powerful weight loss properties. Over the years, scientists have researched and tested numerous ways to deliver the substance to the body, with the most efficient and safest method being an oral capsule or a liquid extract. If you’re looking for a convenient way to lose weight, then the chewable tablets or drops are going to be your best option because they are both easy to consume and may have a greater effect on the human body than the gel or capsule form.

Key Facts About The Product

• The active ingredient in Linzess is vitamin C. As a general rule of thumb, the more vitamin C you have in your system, the greater the weight loss potential. When consumed, vitamin C helps the body in several ways. It improves the body’s ability to utilize nutrients from food, it aids in collagen synthesis, and it promotes the growth of new cells. As a result, when taken daily, vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. While these benefits are amazing, it should also be noted that vitamin C can also cause diarrhea in large doses, so you must track your daily dose and consume diluted forms of the supplement. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your health and fitness needs, then try and consume the purest forms of vitamin C available or take supplements that are more effective than those made from fruit juices.

• Due to its anti-obesity effects, Linzess is often marketed as a weight loss supplement. While it has been proven to help people lose weight, it doesn’t guarantee any weight loss results. Just because you’re taking a supplement doesn’t mean you won’t continue to gain weight, it’s just that the weight gain might be slowed down. Like most other supplements on the market, the key of Linzess is in the fact that it promotes healthy food consumption and regular exercise. By eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as well as avoiding foods with added sugar, you’re on your way to a slimmer figure.

• The gel and capsule forms of Linzess are both highly effective and very well suited for oral delivery of the product. One notable difference between these two forms of the supplement is that gel capsules are practically indestructible while capsules tend to break down over time due to stomach acid. Regardless of which form you choose, you’re going to need to take a daily dose of Linzess in order to experience its full weight loss effects. Ideally, you should be taking the pills or gel caps before consuming foods rich in sugar, as the effects of these two forms of the product are more pronounced when taken in conjunction with a diet low in sugar. In terms of safety, both forms of the product are considered safe for human consumption and there are no known side effects. Just make sure that you’re not going to exceed the recommended daily intake, especially if you’re taking capsules because they break down more quickly than the gel form.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no known side effects to Linzess, as with any other dietary supplement or medication you’re taking, there may be some risks associated with it. Consult your doctor or a trained health professional if you experience any adverse reactions to the substance.

The possible side effects of Linzess relate to the product’s ability to impact the human digestive system. Just as you would when taking any medication, you must keep an eye out for signs of an adverse reaction. If you experience any gastrointestinal discomfort, especially if it’s severe, then it’s probably a good idea to discontinue the product. Similarly, if you notice that your urine is becoming more alkaline, then this may be an indication that you’re not absorbing enough nutrients from the food you’re eating, leading to a potential health concern. Over time, long-term exposure to the high levels of vitamin C in Linzess may also cause or aggravate arthritis. Just because you’re taking a product, however, doesn’t mean you’re destined to suffer from arthritis. There is no known relationship between arthritis and vitamin C.

Where Can I Buy Linzess?

Due to its success as a weight loss supplement, Linzess is readily available at most major retailers of dietary supplements, as well as at nutrition stores located in malls. If you’d like to try the product for yourself, then all you need to do is visit one of these retailers or nutrition stores, or download the product’s webpage and order a bottle. Most online retailers also provide a fast and free shipping option, so you can get your hands on this powerful product as soon as possible. We suggest trying out a few different brands to see which one is right for you. Remember, the most important thing is that you’re getting what you need and that you’re not taking any unnecessary risks by doing so.