Does Hot Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Many people who experience a loss of appetite due to various causes, such as depression or stress, may wonder if hot green tea can be an option to enhance their weight loss efforts. While there isn’t much scientific research that supports the claim, numerous case studies and personal anecdotes suggest that green tea may help with weight loss. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

You probably know that green tea is a healthy option; it’s high in antioxidants and lower in calories than coffee. Those looking to lose weight may already be drinking green tea as a way to compliment their dietary choices—and for good reason. Studies show that green tea consumption can help to improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn results in lower blood sugar levels and a decreased appetite. It can also be helpful for people looking to raise their body’s energy levels, since the caffeine and theanine in green tea act as stimulants.

Additionally, some research suggests that drinking green tea may be a more effective strategy to lose weight than usual dieting programs. A study published in the journal Appetite in 2014 investigated the effects of green tea on food intake and weight loss in participants with impaired glucose tolerance (a precursor to diabetes). After completing a four-week controlled trial, those who drank green tea every day lost 5.8% of their body weight compared to 0.6% in the control group. The scientists behind the study hypothesized that the catechins and caffeine in hot green tea may prevent nutrients from being damaged by heat during food preparation—reducing the potential for food wastage and improving the nutritional value of the meal. While more research is needed, this study provides potential evidence that green tea may be an effective tool in preventing weight gain and obesity.

How Does Hot Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

So how does hot green tea help to promote weight loss? It depends on how you drink it. Let’s take a look.

There’s a common misconception that you need to drink cold green tea to get its benefits. While there are certainly health advantages to drinking cold tea, there’s also plenty to learn from drinking hot tea. The key is in how you prepare it. If you add hotness to your tea by bringing it to the boiling point, you’ll maximize the nutrients and lose some weight in the process.

Bring It To Boiling Point

When we think about losing weight, many of us immediately think about hitting the scales and seeing numbers drop. However, there are various other factors at play. For example, if you drink your tea black, you’ll maximize the nutrients and minimize the calories. But, if you add sugar to your drink, you may actually end up eating more than you would if you drank it plain. This is why you should always bring your tea to the boiling point before you drink it. Adding a bit of milk or a lemon slice will not only cut the calories but add some flavor to your drink.

When you bring your tea to the boiling point, you melt the proteins in the food and the fat in the milk (in the case of milk) or cream (in the case of creams), making them easier to absorb. The result is that you may lose some weight even without measuring! As a general rule, drink your tea black (with no additives) if you want to lose weight, and bring it to the boil before consuming it.

The Therapeutic Effect Of Catechins

Catechins are the compounds that give green tea its color and the ability to resist oxidation at high temperatures. When ingested, these compounds have been shown in studies to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in obese people. When we think about insulin sensitivity, it is important to remember that it is a key factor in the body’s ability to process sugar. As sugar is a major source of calories for many people, drinking green tea may help to curb their cravings for sweets while also helping them to shed some pounds.

In summary, the evidence supporting the claim that green tea helps with weight loss is limited. However, as a tool to complement your dieting efforts and to help you lose up to 10 pounds in 4 weeks, green tea may be worth a try for those who are struggling to shed those extra pounds.