Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight in Your Face?

While most of us are still in shock that summer is now behind us and the temperature of the water in our taps is slowly declining, there is one place where the heat is still raging. Our bathroom cabinets. If you’re guilty of keeping any stray sweets or crisps hidden away for later, now is the perfect opportunity to throw them away. But instead of taking the easy way out, why not embrace the hot weather and indulge in some home remedies that will help you shed those extra pounds?

Drinking Water

There are endless benefits that drinking water can bring – from keeping your skin looking young to avoiding illnesses. But did you know that it can also help you lose weight? A lot of people claim that drinking water helps them lose weight, especially in their faces. Let’s take a look at the evidence to back up this claim.

Flush Out The Fat

When we eat food, it gets absorbed into our bloodstream, carried to our face, and deposited there, causing us to appear bloated. Did you know that drinking plain water will help rid your face of excess weight? The reason behind this is simple: water helps the body to flush out the toxins that make you fat. So, if you feel like your face is getting a bit puffy, relieve the pressure by sticking your face in a stream of water.

Reduce Appetite

What happens when you drink water? Your stomach absorbs the liquid, causing you to eventually urinate less. Although this may not seem like a desirable effect to you, the fact is that dehydration makes you more tempted by junk food. If you feel a bit weak after drinking plain water, you may even question whether or not you should be eating at all. So, in a way, drinking water reduces your appetite. You’ll eventually feel satisfied with fewer calories.

Health Benefits

Just like food, water has amazing health benefits. Did you know that drinking enough water can help keep your skin looking young? There are many studies that show that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day can reverse the aging process in your body. What is more, drinking water can help prevent many illnesses. It can help you stay hydrated, which assists your body in building stronger bones and muscles. Did you also know that too much dehydration can cause health problems? Some of these are so serious that they’ve been linked to premature death. So, it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water daily.

How Do You Drink Water?

Of course, you don’t have to drink water in a particular way. You can guzzle it down in one gulp or slowly sip it while savoring each sip. There is no wrong way to drink water as long as you are staying hydrated. Let’s take a look at the types of water containers that you can choose from, depending on what you prefer.


Did you know that water can be kept in a flask for an entire day? This is an important fact to keep in mind when you’re deciding what type of water container to purchase. A flask is a great choice if you prefer to sip on your drink rather than gulp it down. You can also purchase a special-edition flask that will keep your drink fresh for up to a week. Did you know that there is no wrong way to drink water as long as you are staying hydrated? It’s important to keep in mind that you can always buy a new flask if you are worried about having your drink contaminated or spoiled. Flasks are easy to use and allow you to drink anywhere, even if you don’t have access to a proper water fountain.


Did you know that you can purchase bottled water in virtually any supermarket? You should consider this an affordable and convenient way to ensure that you always have fresh drinking water available whenever you want it. Although bottled water costs more than the typical home-delivered or city-tap water, it is still considerably less expensive than buying individual cups at a cafe. In some places, such as Hong Kong, the cost per bottle is even lower. This is largely due to the fact that bottled water is more expensive than city-tap water there because of the additional costs associated with treatment.


One of the more unusual choices among the water containers listed here is the pelican. This is a heavy-duty water bag that is ideal for camping or long-distance driving. Made from extremely thick material, it can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for the arctic and antarctic regions. Did you know that drinking water while camping can be lifesaving? When you’re out in the wilderness, it’s easy to become dehydrated due to the unrelenting sun and the lack of clean drinking water. If you feel thirsty, it can be difficult to tell whether or not you’re already dehydrated enough to suffer health problems. Drinking water while camping can also keep you alert and awake, as well as reduce your appetite, meaning that you’ll eventually eat less while out in the woods than you would around a luxurious kitchen. The pelican water bag is great for carrying around with you when you go for walks or drives since it’s both portable and durable. It will also keep your drink fresh for a very long time – up to a year, according to the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Stainless Steel

Did you know that it’s not necessary to buy expensive water bottles if you want to keep your drink fresh? There is an entire category of water bottles made from stainless steel, which makes them completely odorless and tasteless as well. This means that they will not impart any tastes or odors onto the water that you store in them. Stainless Steel water bottles are also easy to clean since they don’t have any plastic parts to trap unsightly fats and oils that can build up over time. These kinds of items can add to the already unsightly look of your bathroom cabinets, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to purchase one.


There is an entire category of waters that you can purchase specifically to keep your drink cool. These waters are either chilled or frozen, making them easier to drink for those who find that cold liquids are more easily assimilated by the body. It is also a great option for those who want to quench their thirst while on active excursions or adventures. Did you know that drinking cool water can bring health benefits? The human body needs sufficient hydration to operate at its optimum level. However, too much hydration can cause health problems. We’re still learning about how much water the human body really needs, but it’s safe to assume that most people need less than what they consume. Drinking cool water can assist in this process. When you drink something that is neither too hot nor cold, it is easier for your stomach to digest. Furthermore, constant changes in temperature cause your body to produce more water, making it beneficial for those who are constantly on the move or who live in very hot climates. The downside is that it’s a bit harder to transport and keep chilled drinks cool, especially when you’re camping or in a vehicle that doesn’t have a refrigeration unit. It would be best to purchase a smaller cooler filled with ice if you are carrying this type of drink. Otherwise, you may find it hard to drink from during the day due to the heat.

What About The Container That You Pour The Water Out Of?

Besides the type of water you use to make your drink, there is another important factor to consider when choosing the right container for your needs: the container you pour the water out of. What you use will depend on where you’re going and for how long. If you’re driving through the desert for a few hours, you may not want to use a plastic bottle, which might break down into microscopic pieces that could eventually pose a threat to the environment.

How Do You Store Water?

There are many different ways that you can store water, depending on your needs. Did you know that you can freeze it? This is an easy and affordable way to keep your drink cold for a long time. Just bring your bottle or can to your local supermarket and ask the clerk to put it in the freezer for you. After it has frozen, you can remove it and enjoy a cold drink even in the worst of heatwaves. Freezing water will not hurt its taste, meaning that you do not have to prepare it yourself using ice. Did you also know that you can reduce the amount of plastic the environment will have to cope with if more people started using recycled containers to store their drink? This is because plastic drinks containers take hundreds of years to decompose, harming the earth along the way.