Why Your Feet Lose Weight Too

You wake up one morning and decide to wear a pair of designer sunglasses to bed. As you settle into bed, your partner whispers in your ear, “You know what, honey? Your feet have been losing weight all night.” Startled, you ask, “Really?” Then, as you feel your partner’s lips move against your ear, you realize she is whispering sweet nothings into your ear because you have been sleeping with your shoes on. As you get more relaxed, you reply, “Thanks, baby. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, I have been losing weight.” Your partner chuckles and suggests, “Why don’t you take off your shoes and socks while we make love?” Even in bed, you feel like a movie star and know that your partner wants you exactly the way you look. As a result, you shed off an additional 2 pounds in the course of the night. You may want to try this with your shoes on as well. Sincerely, Michael T. Fenton

You Feel Confident Every Day

You walk into a room and everyone immediately turns to look at you. You feel confident, like you can conquer the world. You make your way to the bathroom and as you brush your teeth, you realize there is a bit of toothpaste on your chin. You don’t have to be perfect, you think. You can be a little rough around the edges, as long as you know what you’re doing. You then realize that you haven’t had a date in a while and suddenly feel inspired. You head to the kitchen to get a brush to clean off the excess toothpaste and as you look in the mirror, you see a bit of lipstick on your mouth. You smile and think to yourself, “How beautiful am I today?” You then return to bed and get into your nightgown. As you settle into bed, you feel a tug at the hem and realize that it has become undone. You quickly pull it up and over your head, feeling pleased with how stylish you look. You then slip into bed and your partner whispers in your ear, “You look really lovely, honey. Why don’t you come into bed and let me give you a nice foot massage?” You blush and reply, “Thanks, baby. I feel really good too. Maybe I’ll even let you give me a hand massage. I love to watch you work your magic.” The next thing you know, you are asleep and dreaming of the perfect night. You may want to give this a try as well. Sincerely, Charlotte S. Fenton

You Have More Energy

You wake up one morning and decide to wear a gorgeous red dress to bed. As you settle into bed, your partner asks, “Honey, did you exercise today?” You reply, “No, why?” Your partner then informs you that, while you were sleeping, you had thrown off an energy ball. You smile and tell your partner that it was awesome. You then return to bed and get undressed. You notice that, while you were sleeping, your body had transformed. You feel lighter and have more energy than you’ve had in a long time. You tell your partner that you feel great and that you have so much more to give. Your partner encourages you, “Keep going, Tiger. I’m sure you’ve got something amazing hidden under all that clothing.” You have no idea how much this compliment means to you. You then get into bed and slip your hand between your partner’s legs. You could use this opportunity to blindfold her and take her to the bedroom for the night. Sincerely, Michael T. Fenton

Your Mood Changes

You meet a handsome man at a bar and have a good time chatting with him. As you look into his eyes, you feel an instant connection. You then learn that he is an orthopedic surgeon and ask what this means in layman’s terms. He explains that, when he first saw you, he was immediately distracted by the severity of your feet. He then proceeds to tell you that he had to break up with his fiancĂ©e because she didn’t understand his needs. He feels that, as time went on, he could no longer keep the secret from her. He fears that, if she finds out about this, he will lose her forever. You are touched by his honesty and decide to give him a try. You learn that he had been in a serious car accident two years earlier and had to have his leg amputated. He has been in a lot of pain since the accident and hasn’t been able to get comfortable in bed or on the couch. You tell him that you understand his needs and that, from now on, you will make sure that his comfort is your priority. You get into bed and hold his hand as you fall asleep. Sincerely, Charlotte S. Fenton

There are many good reasons why your feet lose weight too, but being confident, feeling energized and having more energy are probably the simplest and most recognizable. If you feel like your feet are holding you back, then it’s time to let them go. You might be surprised at how much weight your feet actually lose when you start losing it! Take a minute to write down all the things you love about your feet. You can use this list to help you remember all the positives while you’re getting rid of the negative. So, if you’re ready to shed off those extra pounds, then go for it! Good luck out there.