Does Pooping Really Make You Lose Weight?

Popping occasionally is normal and healthy, but did you know that going number two can actually help you shed those extra pounds? Contrary to popular belief, going to the bathroom can in fact be good for your body. In fact, it can help improve your skin and even boost your appetite! Read on to find out more about the many benefits of pooping.

It Cleanses Your Colon

When you poop, old toxins and waste products are literally removed from your body. This is why regular bowel movements are essential for good overall health. According to experts at HealthActions, a dietary supplement company, going to the bathroom sets your body on a course to recover from a variety of ills. For example, constipation is often caused by excessive drinking, which can result in blockage of the pores of the colon. When this occurs, it makes it more difficult for toxins to be flushed from your body. Even when these toxins are eventually removed through exfoliation, they will inevitably be caught up in future rounds of bowel movements. It is therefore essential that you go at least once a day, and it is also advisable that you try to go in the early morning to ensure that you have emptied your colon completely.

It Improves Your Overall Appetite

Not only does poop provide a necessary service to cleanse your colon, but it also has a surprising side effect of increasing your appetite. This is mainly because the act of eating stimulates the nerves located in your stomach, resulting in the release of digestive hormones that cause you to feel hungry. With regular bowel movements, your body is provided with a supply of these hormones, ensuring that it maintains a healthy appetite even when food is scarce. Sometimes, a lack of fiber in your diet can lead to a phenomenon known as “ileostomy blues,” in which case, going to the bathroom can temporarily relieve your discomfort. However, experts state that this is not ileostomy blues, but rather a common side effect of bowel resection, in which case, you should consult with your doctor so that he can prescribe you the appropriate medication or treatment.

It Makes You Feel Confident

Many people have problems with their weight, and sometimes the mere act of going to the bathroom can make them feel better about themselves. The act of defecating is frequently associated with strength and masculinity, with some even claiming that it is an antidote to depression. If you have confidence issues, going number two can improve your mental outlook and help you tackle life head on. According to studies, regular bowel movements are also important for boosting your self-esteem because they allow you to keep up with the hygiene standards expected of a perfect society male. In short, regular bathroom trips can make you feel like a better person, and that is certainly something to be proud of.

To ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom breaks, ensure that you empty your colon at least once a day. Flush away those toxins, and you will be improving your health in more ways than one.