Do Sunflower Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

It is well established that sunflower seeds contain healthy fats and proteins which offer a good balance of nutrients to the body. The seeds are also high in fibre, which is vital for digestion. So what is more, they are quite low in carbohydrates, which also contributes to weight loss.

With many people going towards a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for health reasons, sunflower seeds offer a reliable alternative. The fact that they are extremely affordable and available in most good supermarkets offers further proof of their popularity.

Supports Healthy Immunity

The vitamin E found in sunflower seeds is important for human health. It is a natural antioxidant which protects the human skin and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can lead to cell damage and premature ageing.

The vitamin E naturally found in sunflower seeds is almost identical to the one found in nuts. It is therefore not surprising that the vitamin E rich diet has been shown to have an influence on the immune system. Patients who were supplemented with vitamin E in addition to their conventional medication showed a greater improvement in their condition. This was true for those with type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Good For The Environment

If you are environmentally conscious, you can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to eat sunflower seeds rather than regular vegetables.

The production of conventional vegetables requires far more energy and water compared to the cultivation of sunflower seeds. This is because most conventional vegetables are grown with the aid of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The use of these compounds contributes to environmental pollution, especially in the case of fertilisers. Pesticides are extremely dangerous, even when taken in the correct dosages. They are known to cause cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other serious health problems.

On the other hand, organic farming only uses fertilisers made from natural compounds such as bone meal, fish scales, and compost. These are all readily available as byproducts of animal agriculture. So by choosing to eat organic sunflower seeds, you will help to reduce environmental pollution.

Rich In Essential Fatty Acids

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs reduce cholesterol and triglycerides which in turn helps to control blood pressure and diabetes. The most notable EFAs in sunflower seeds are alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which are both vital for human health. The former contributes to healthy joints and skin, while the latter is a key component of cell membranes and the human immune system. It cannot be understated how essential these nutrients are for human health.

Both EFAs are highly versatile and can be converted to prostaglandins, which are chemicals in the body that regulate essential functions such as blood pressure, the digestive system, and the reproductive process. Because of the vital role that EFAs play in maintaining human health, you must consume them regularly.

Lose Weight, Feel Great

If you are looking for a vegan alternative that is low in carbohydrates and high in fibre, you have come to the right place. Studies have shown that including sunflower seeds in your diet can help to improve your health and wellbeing. Not only does it lower cholesterol and triglycerides, but it also helps to maintain ideal body weight.

As a vegan alternative, many people choose to eat sunflower seeds because they know that the seeds offer healthy fats and proteins which will give them enough energy for daily activities. However, those who choose to eat organic sunflower seeds report that they lose weight easier than they would with conventional seeds. This may be because the former are more absorbable and easier to break down into nutrients.

An Affordable Choice

Even those who are on a budget may like the idea of including sunflower seeds in their diet as a healthier option than potato chips and popcorn. The cost per kilogram for organic sunflower seeds is very affordable, especially compared to some of the other vegan options out there.

The best thing about sunflower seeds is that they are very affordable and can be found in most good supermarkets. This makes them readily available for anyone who needs them.

There are several reasons why sunflower seeds are so popular, but one of the main ones is that the plant is a source of nutrition and fibre for humans and animals. The World Health Organization has declared that both animals and humans require more nutrition and fibre than we consume, which is why many people choose to include this food in their diet.