Did Paul Giamatti Lose a Lot of Weight?

The actor Paul Giamatti recently revealed that, over the last year, he’s lost over 20 pounds. While most people would be ecstatic about such a revelation, Giamatti says he’s not exactly happy with what happened.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Giamatti said, “I’ve been eating healthier and working out more, and it took me a long time to get there. But it’s a big difference losing the weight, and then realizing that you’ve lost the weight. It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re really into something and you think, ‘This will be great when I’m older,’ and then you get older and it’s not great, and you go back and you’re like, ‘What happened?'”

The Difference In Attractiveness

One of the first things that anyone observing Giamatti’s weight loss will remark is how much his obesity has decreased. At one point, Giamatti was considered one of the world’s biggest bachelors, and one of the most eligible men never to get married, let alone father a child.

Now, however, the actor is a much happier and more attractive person, both inside and out. According to Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, a certified cosmetic surgeon who has performed breast enlargement procedures for Hollywood stars, Giamatti is now at an ideal weight, and his new, slimmer appearance has changed the way he looks at life.

“I’ve had numerous patients who’ve lost a great deal of weight, and they all say the same thing: They feel better, they look better, and they have a higher self-esteem because of it,” Dr. Taylor explains. “It’s a common thing for people who’ve lost weight to feel better about themselves, but it’s an uncommon thing for people who’ve been heavy to lose so much weight and feel better about themselves afterward. It really is a remarkable change.”

Less Restricted Dieting

Another difference between Giamatti’s pre- and post-weight loss life is how much healthier he eats. As part of his diet regiment, Giamatti follows a less restricted eating plan, which allows him to indulge in foods that he used to avoid, such as chocolate, cheese, and white bread.

As a result of his dietary improvements, Giamatti recently revealed that he’s gained back some of the weight he’s lost, and he also has words of advice for anyone who’s struggling with their weight.

“I think what they need to do is stop dieting and start eating healthier,” Giamatti told Conan O’Brien. “If you keep going on a diet, eventually you will fail, and when that happens, what do you do? You go off the diet, and then you feel terrible. So I would just suggest eating a meal once or twice a day instead of having diet foods all the time, and actually enjoying the foods that you eat. Because when you enjoy the foods that you eat, it becomes easier to live a healthier lifestyle, and you won’t feel sorry for yourself when you hit a plateau.”

Increased Motivation To Exercise

Finally, Giamatti’s weight loss is also attributed to him getting significantly more motivated to exercise. Whereas in the past, Giamatti would occasionally participate in a workout class or spend an hour on a treadmill, now he does so almost every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.

According to Dr. Taylor, this level of daily exercise is what’s responsible for Giamatti’s dramatic weight loss. However, this increased motivation to exercise also carries over into other parts of Giamatti’s life, prompting him to become more productive and successful as an actor.

Although Giamatti is now at an ideal weight, he still struggles with his body image and occasionally feels bad about himself. In the future, Giamatti says he’d like to continue losing weight and become a symbol of inspiration for people who are struggling with their weight.