Did Miss Patty Lose Weight on the Season 7 of “The Biggest Loser”?

Before the Season 7 finale, we heard about Patty’s struggle to shed her extra poundage. Now that the show has ended, we can see how things turned out.

Patty started the season lean and athletic but began to gain weight as the show progressed. At the end of the season, she weighed in at 159 pounds, a gain of 15 pounds from the end of Season 6. While she didn’t win the competition, she was able to keep her weight off and even lost a couple of pounds.

Here’s a look back at Patty’s transformation throughout the seasons.

Starting Off On The Right Foot

Season 6 saw Patty struggle with her weight and enter a professional weight loss program. In the beginning, it seemed like the show was heading in the right direction. We saw Patty shed off some of her pounds and enter the competition in a more athletic shape.

She started off the season with a bang by winning the challenge in Week 1 and going on to beat out some of the other contestants. Unfortunately, as the season progressed, Patty started gaining weight, mostly from her belly. At the end of the season, she weighed in at 165 pounds and looked significantly heavier than her previous season. She also wasn’t as agile as she had been before entering the show, struggling to keep up with the other contestants during the dance competitions.

Taking On The Biggest Loser

With the premiere of Season 7, we saw Patty return to the competition, this time alongside some of the other contestants who had left the show at the end of Season 6. As we’ve come to expect, the new season was pretty tough and demanded a lot from the contestants. In Week 1, Patty shed off some more pounds but still weighed in at 169 pounds at the end of the season.

She looked fit and athletic, if not a little bit puffy, but was able to keep off the pounds as the season progressed. Unfortunately, like previous seasons, it was mostly from her belly that Patty started to gain weight, and by the end of the season she weighed in at a whopping 187 pounds.

Once again, the show didn’t show us Patty’s entire weight loss journey, focusing mostly on the final weeks, so it’s difficult to say for sure what happened during the season. But it seems apparent that Patty was struggling with her weight, and it didn’t help that the other contestants were constantly trying to one-up each other, sometimes in a nasty way. That kind of environment is no place for anyone trying to lose weight, and it’s clear that Patty wasn’t handling it well.

Keeping Off The Pounds

Now that the show is over, it’s time to see how Patty was able to keep off the pounds. In the end, it was mostly due to her success in getting physically active during the off-season that she was able to maintain a healthy weight. She kept up with the program and continued to work out, losing a pound a week and eventually bringing her weight down to 159 pounds, the same as at the beginning of the season. It was a difficult battle, but one that she won, and that’s what’s important.

If you’re looking for a show that challenges you to lose weight and fight for it, then “The Biggest Loser” is for you. It doesn’t hold back in terms of what it asks from the contestants, and it certainly doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that you’ll have to work hard to lose weight. But if you keep your eye on the prize and follow the instructions, then it’s sure to inspire you.