Did Lily Collins Lose Weight in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Movie?

It’s been a roller coaster ride since the trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was released. After going through extreme character and costume changes, the actress Lily Collins finally settled on a look that she feels comfortable enough in for the film’s premiere.

Though some of her outfits were inspired by famous historical figures, Collins’ wardrobe still mostly comprised of modern, trendy clothes.

The results are pretty incredible. In the film, Collins plays Callie, a skilled hunter who joins our protagonists, the noble House of Night, on their quest to find the traitor who stabbed their father, Lord Daxon (played by Stephen Moyer), in the back, sentencing him to an early grave. In the trailer, Collins is shown wearing multiple looks, each one complimenting the other and enhancing her beauty. This includes a breathtakingly elegant white dress with sequins and a beaded floral print top. In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Collins dances in a thong bikini that enhances her beauty and is one of the main reasons why fans are interested in the film. Besides, she’s also shown in a beautiful purple dress and an elaborate green dress. We’d also like to point out that Collins’ character has distinct cultural roots, being a mix of English and Italian culture. This further underscores her gorgeous look in the film.

As for the question of whether or not Collins lost weight for the role, well, the answer is a resounding yes. Though she’d never been particularly thin, Collins put on around 20 lbs. for the role, according to the Internet Movie Database. This is a drastic change from her usual, healthier lifestyle. Naturally, her fans are interested in knowing what type of diet Collins is on now that she’s ballooned up for the part. We’ve collected a few of her current looks to help them out. Check them out below.

The White And Beaded Floral Print Dress

Though Collins isn’t the first celebrity to put on a lot of weight for a role – we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian – she’s certainly the most elegant. For her character, Callie, a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman, Collins needed a powerful outfit that would make a lasting impression. This is why she opted for the white and beaded floral print dress. She paired it with a wide selection of jewelry, including a stunning single bead necklace, delicate gold earrings, and a ring crafted in the shape of a flower.

Though we’d like to think that Collins would never be seen in something so revealing as a thong bikini, she does allow herself to be somewhat of a dancing goddess in the film. Just as her character, Callie, is inspired by Isadora Duncan, an early 20th century American dancer and choreographer, we can assume that Collins is following a similar path to Hollywood stardom. Though Duncan is known for her signature style of soft, flowing dresses, the dancer also created some incredibly revealing outfits for her performances that were extremely popular with men – including a leotard with a plunging neckline and short shorts – at the time.

The Purple Dress

Though Collins had previously been seen in somewhat of a purple outfit in the music video for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”, the actress decided to forgo any attempt at subtlety and went for the full effect in the form of a beautiful, vibrant, and confident dress.

Once again, she paired it with some impressive jewelry, including a stunning gold cocktail ring, a necklace dripping in diamonds, and a bracelet studded with more gems. It’s safe to say that this is one outfit that didn’t need a photo-op to prove its power. It was immediately recognizable as the work of Collins’ stylist. Even in the film’s most intimate scenes, Collins’ character maintains her poise. She doesn’t let her guard down for a second, not even for a moment.

The Green Dress

Though Collins is mainly known for her red carpet appearances, she’s also had some amazing on-screen moments, most notably as a double-digit baby-sitter in the comedy Baby Mama. For her second appearance in a row, Collins opted for a rich, vibrant green dress.

Once again, she paired it with some incredible jewelry, this time including a gold, heart-shaped locket and a matching gold band. This time around, however, she used a more unique piece of jewelry, the Bambino Muffler Man, a platinum and diamond-studded fanny pack worn between the legs that’s named after the Italian restaurant chain, Bambino Muffler Man. Even in a scene where Callie is crying in her sleep, she manages to keep her cool and look absolutely stunning. Though the scene was meant to symbolize Callie’s vulnerability, it’s actually the actress’ confident attitude that makes her look so good.

The Thong Bikini

Finally, let’s not forget about Collins’ character’s most memorable outfit, which happens to be one of the most iconic and revealing outfits in the history of cinema. In the trailer for the film, Collins is seen wearing a thong bikini, and it’s safe to say that this image has been burnt into the mind of every woman who’s watched it. Though she didn’t lose a pound of weight for the role, she did put on a 20-pound butt pack, according to the IMDb. It’s safe to say that this wasn’t an easy feat, as her character, Callie, had to carry a considerable amount of weight in order to complete her transformation into a fully fledged warrior. Though it’s been nearly three years since the trailer was released, Collins remains confident that her fans will still recognize her. The actress is currently gearing up for the film’s release on March 18th, and it looks like she’s finally found an outfit that she feels truly happy with.