How John Goodman Lost Over 100 Pounds in 10 Years

As you might imagine, there are many ways to lose weight. Few of them are as extreme as going on a diet, getting a surgery, or taking up running. One way that people lose weight is by changing their eating habits and getting more active. If you want to know how comedian and actor John Goodman has lost over 100 pounds, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the details.

The Actor’s Previous Attempts at Losing Weight

Comedian and actor John Goodman has actually tried to lose weight several times before. In fact, he even went on a diet before his most recent television role in the comedy series, “Relapse.” In that episode, he had to lose weight for a part, and the writers encouraged him to slim down for the role. He obliged, and the episode focused on his struggle to lose weight. This time, he decided to commit to it and shed the pounds. The result is that he looks incredible. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of his previous weight loss attempts and the tricks he used to get rid of those pounds.

The Onion’s Role In John Goodman’s Weight Loss

Comedian and actor John Goodman has been known to be a big fan of The Onion, the satirical newspaper. Its stories are often funny, and there’s usually more than one “trick” in each story. On that note, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of The Onion’s famous tricks to lose weight.


Comedian and actor John Goodman has lost over 100 pounds, and the secret to his success is largely due to The Onion’s influence. His love for the newspaper and its writers knew no bounds, and he even credited them with helping him stay motivated and committed to his weight loss journey. Fortunately, John Goodman managed to keep the weight off, and he still looks great today. If you’re interested in following in his footsteps, then there are definitely ways to lose weight without going on a strict diet or undergoing extensive surgery. All you need is good old-fashioned commitment and motivation, and perhaps a dose of comedy genius from time to time. It’s all about what you’re willing to commit to, and more importantly, what you’re willing to lose. So, are you ready to commit to losing weight, and if so, how much are you willing to lose?