Did the “Didja” Cat Lose a Lot of Weight?

When we are little, our parents often tell us that we can “eat what we want” when we reach adulthood. But after years of working hard-eatting and exercising less than recommended, many of us may wonder whether this really is the case. It is quite possible that the “Didja” cat (born in 2008) has found the secret to eternal youth by following a simple regimen of diet and exercise. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the feline fat-free wonder cat.

Key Facts About the “Didja” Cat

The “Didja” cat was originally named after the question “Did you make this?” which was created and trademarked by Mattel in 2008. Since then, the cat’s popularity has soared, and it currently has over a million followers on TikTok. The kitty is an example of a content creator (creator of content such as videos, images, and blogs) who drives the majority of media growth on TikTok.

The “Didja” cat has inspired many memes and TikTok trends, most notably the “yo-yo diet” and “exercise to the max” routines. The first trend involves following the cat’s advice to “eat what you want” and “hop on the bandwagon,” which in turn will help you lose weight. The second trend involves exercising with the help of a trainer while following the “Didja” cat’s diet regimen and watching motivational videos.

While the “Didja” cat’s popularity on TikTok is undoubtedly due to its ability to make us question our own habits, it is also a prime example of how brands can harness social media platforms to drive engagement and growth.

How the “Didja” Cat Lost Over 15kg In Just Two Months

As one of the most followed animals on TikTok, it is not surprising that people have tried to emulate the “Didja” cat’s diet and workout routine in order to lose weight. However, unlike some other feline fitness celebrities, the kitty did not become famous overnight. It took a while for users to figure out that the “Didja” cat is a star and for others to want to emulate its diet and workout regimen.

It all started in January 2018 when a user named @the_tweetybird posted a video of herself dancing while following the “Didja” cat’s advice to eat what you want and lose weight. The video quickly received over 100,000 views, and many commenters noticed that the dancer looked a lot like Charlize Theron’s character in the film, “Monster”. Many people started referring to the dancer as “Charlize Theron’s little monster.”

The “Didja” cat’s popularity continued to grow, and in less than a year, it had developed a dedicated following of fans who wanted to emulate the kitty’s diet and workout routine. These fans banded together to form a support group on TikTok called “Imitation Therapy.” At the time, the group had over 25,000 members.

The group’s name itself is a tip of the hat to Mattel, who originally created the “Didja” cat in 2008. In order to lose weight, members of “Imitation Therapy” started posting videos of themselves eating only the foods that the “Didja” cat likes, as well as doing jumping jacks, push-ups, and other exercises that the kitty performs. The group’s co-founder and moderator, @_blondiecheeks, even created a food journal where group members can track their daily calories, fat grams, and other nutritional information.

The success of the group was so great that members decided to create their own version of the “Didja” cat. One of the group’s members, @blondiecheeks, decided to take this a step further and actually attempt to pass off as a “Didja” cat for 24 hours. During these fits of “cyber-bullying”, members of “Imitation Therapy” recorded themselves eating and drinking whatever they wanted, while dressing in different outfits and doing their best to mimic the “Didja” cat’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the “blondiecheeks” did not make it past the fourth hour of trying to pass as the “Didja” cat. During that time, she recorded herself making some seriously embarrassing mistakes, such as breaking a glass, dropping food, and getting herself stuck in the fridge. The entire thing was actually streamed live on Twitch, and thousands of people watched and commented as the “blondiecheeks” attempted to become the “Didja” cat for 24 hours.

It seems that the “Didja” cat has a strong hold on the imagination of the internet, and people are desperately trying to emulate its diet and workout routine in hopes of living a longer and healthier life. But perhaps the best tribute to the “Didja” cat would be to continue to eat what you want and live healthily, just like it.