Did Chrissy Metz Really Lose Weight?

It’s hard to believe that not even a year has passed since Chrissy Metz became an overnight sensation following the release of her debut album, “Glitter”. The pop starlet became an inspiration to social media users with her glamorous images and catchy pop songs about partying and being rich. But the 24-year-old New Yorker might have had more in common with us than she would like to admit.

After years of staying in shape for her role as Shailene Woodley’s best friend in the Divergent series, “The Descendants”, Metz took to social media to show her fans that not only is she still dedicated to her health, but that she has become even more disciplined about her diet and fitness regime. In fact, the singer recently revealed that she has lost more than fifty pounds since her last album and that she is currently aiming to slim down to a more conventional size.

What has really helped Metz shed those extra pounds is her dedication to workout gear retailer Under Armour. For those who are unfamiliar, Under Armour sponsors professional athletes and celebrities, and their gear is mostly designed for extremely active lifestyles. In particular, the clothing brand has become known for their black female athletes, such as soccer star Shannon Boxx and basketball star Tamika Sessions.

It’s been almost a year since the #IAmUnderArmour hashtag made its way around the internet, but today, Metz is still one of the brand’s most popular ambassadors. And it seems that her dedication to Under Armour has not gone unnoticed; the company’s stock price has more than doubled since then, closing at $15.32 on Monday morning, up from $6.75 a share on May 6, 2019. It’s currently the eighth-most-traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange, with over 17 million shares changing hands during the last three months.

So, is it really possible for a pop star to lose fifty pounds in just a year? Was Chrissy Metz (and maybe Shailene Woodley, too) eating too much and not working out enough? Let’s take a quick look at the #IAmUnderArmour social media star’s workout and diet habits and compare them to those of a more conventional celebrity.

The Workout Routine

For the past year, Metz has been working out five days a week, with some days consisting of more strenuous workouts than others. Based on a tweet from the social media star’s official account dated March 5, 2020, Metz is currently in the middle of a five-day workout regiment that includes a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. On Thursday, Metz tweeted a picture of herself in front of a green screen, sporting #UnderArmourGear, writing, “Tonight was the last night of a brutal gym workout. Tomorrow I get to go back to nature and do some kayaking. Life is good.”

That last sentence might be an understatement. Since becoming a social media celebrity, Metz has accumulated over 500,000 Instagram followers, and many of her fans follow her daily workout routine. What’s more is that she frequently posts about working out with a playlist of music videos by DJ Snake, Cardi B, and BTS, who are all popular on TikTok at the moment.

The Diet

While it’s great to see Metz working hard and promoting a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind that she is a role model to a lot of people, especially teens. So, it’s crucial that she remains vigilant about what she puts into her body. That said, Metz has made it clear that she wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and has made a concerted effort to shed those extra pounds. As a result, she has cut back on many of her favorite foods and substituted them with more nutritious options. Here’s a chart that breaks down her diet regimen from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep:

  • Breakfast – Blueberries, eggs, oatmeal
  • Lunch – Turkey burger, potato salad, green salad
  • Dinner – Fish, chicken, steak
  • Snack – Fruit
  • Drink – Water
  • Sleep

On the nutrition front, Metz has reduced her sugar intake and substituted it with more vegetables. She has also swapped her nighttime snack for something more nutritious: almonds or walnuts. So, while her daily workout regimen might be tough, it seems that her dieting has been effective in helping her shed that extra weight. And since many of her fans follow her regimen, maybe it’s time for them to take note and do the same.

The Result

After a year of regularly exercising and eating healthy foods, is it really possible that Metz could have lost a significant amount of weight? According to her Twitter account, the answer is yes. Using a combination of weight loss surgery, nutritional counseling, and regular exercise, Metz has managed to shed fifty pounds and keep them off. On top of that, she has also maintained her healthy lifestyle and is committed to continuing to work out and eat well. That said, she admitted that it has not been easy. In fact, she wrote on Twitter, “I’ve had to make sacrifices along the way, but I’m so happy that I did. For the first time in my life, I feel like my old self again. This past year has been the best year of my life.”

So, for those who are wondering whether or not Chrissy Metz really lost weight, the answer is yes, she did. But, it took some serious dedication to get there, and part of that dedication was changing her diet and workout routine. And if we’re really lucky, maybe some of her workout companions and fans will follow her lead and start incorporating more vegetables into their diet as well.