Did Chrissy from This Is Us Lose Weight?

Since the beginning of the year, fans of This Is Us have been following the ups and downs of Chrissy Hodges and her relationship with Jack. While most of us were initially sad that she had to leave the show, it’s been fun to see how much she’s grown since then. Even more exciting is that at the end of the year, she’ll become a mother!

New Look

While we were sad to see her go, Chrissy’s absence has actually been a good opportunity for fans to see her in a new light. In the beginning of the year she began losing weight which made her look more like the confident, happy, young woman we’ve always known her to be. The most exciting part is that she finally feels comfortable in her own body and is proud of what she’s accomplished.

A Confident, Determined Chrissy

Although we were surprised by how thin she became, it’s clear that Chrissy has always been determined to feel better about herself. Whether she lost 40 lbs or 20, it wasn’t a chore for her to work hard and make the most of what she had. Now that she’s seen the results of her hard work, she’s focused on maintaining her new look.

A Beautiful Mommy-to-Be

It’s always exciting to see a woman in her child’s life. Even more exciting is when that child is a future superstar. We’ve always known Chrissy to be a determined, ambitious woman. She worked hard to achieve what she has and isn’t doing anything to stop now that she’s managed to make it this far. Although her time on This Is Us has shown us an up close and personal look into her life, we’ve never really gotten to see what her child’s life is like. We’ll get to see a lot more of Chrissy as a mother – and wife! – than we ever did as a contestant on This Is Us.

An Important Part of Jack’s Life

We knew from the beginning that Chrissy wouldn’t be on This Is Us for very long. As much as we’d like to see her stay forever, we understand that Jack is a part of her life now and she needs to be there for him.

Even before she left the show, it was clear that Chrissy’s time on This Is Us was coming to an end. After months of not being able to give Jack the family he needs, she decided that it was time for him to move on. Now that he’s older, he’ll understand what she was doing and why she had to go. While it was sad to see Jack without his family, it’s been worth it to watch Chrissy grow as a person and be there for the important people in her life.

For all of you who were sad to see Chrissy leave This Is Us, I have some good news. She’s not out of the woods yet! Although she didn’t win Big Brother, she did win some big accolades. She was named “Most Valuable Player” at the NBA All-Star Game and was also named one of the “Most Influential Women” by Sports Illustrated.

More Than Meets The Eye

Although the circumstances are different, Chrissy’s story is very much like that of another famous Big Brother winner. In 2000, the legendary Hedo Turkoglu won Big Brother 2000, beating out 18 other contestants to take home the grand prize. Like Chrissy, Hedo Turkoglu also went on to have a successful career. He played for 12 years in the NBA and currently plays for the Turkish national basketball team. He’s also the founder of a construction company.

Chrissy isn’t the only Big Brother winner to go on to have a successful career. Many other winners have done the same. In fact, it’s one of the most popular competitive games show today. It’s clear that being on Big Brother has proven to be a great advantage not just for Chrissy but for all of our favorite BB winners.