Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight?

Actor Billy Gardell has been making headlines this week for something other than his acting skills. The 51-year-old actor recently shared a series of revealing photos on his Instagram account and his fans were quick to point out the difference in his physique between now and previously. From what we can see, it seems like he lost a fair bit of weight!

It looks like Billy Gardell has finally found the love of his life in 27-year-old Hailey Baldwin. The actor and his Instagram followers have been posting numerous pictures of the couple together and it seems like they have entered a committed relationship. Last year, Billy Gardell had a serious breakup with his long-term girlfriend, actress Emily Mortimer. The couple dated for ten years and had two children together: a daughter, Olivia, and a son, Jasper. The breakup was reportedly the result of creative differences and they reportedly decided to go their separate ways last June.

In 2017, Billy Gardell had one of the most prolific years in his career. He was nominated for an Emmy for his performance on the television show, The Handmaid’s Tale, and he also starred in the films, Overlord and The Mountain Between Us. So, it is no surprise that he decided to take a break from acting and focus on his personal life. The actor shares two sons, Henry and Charlie, with his wife, Amy. He married his high school sweetheart, Susan, in 1996 and the couple have been together for twenty-seven years. Together, they have two daughters: Lola and Maggie.

The Instagram Reveals

While we can’t say that we were completely unaware of Billy Gardell’s career struggles, it seems like he has kept a relatively low profile in recent years. The last we heard from the actor was in 2016 when he shared a sweet picture of his daughter, Lola, who is all of four years old at the time, with his then-girlfriend, actress Kate Hudson. Since then, it appears like he has been keeping a fairly busy social media schedule. This week, however, he shared a series of stunning photos on his Instagram account and got everyone talking again. What did he reveal and how did he look?

Losing The Bacon Fat

It seems that the majority of Billy Gardell’s fans were not happy to see these photos as they revealed that the former actor had indeed lost a good bit of weight. From what we can see, most of his fans were aware of his struggles with his weight and knew that he would eventually get there. Gardell revealed a few months ago that he had been struggling with his weight for a while and had even gone under the knife. It looks like he has decided to do something about it and has shed off a good bit of his extra pounds. While we wish him all the best on his journey to a healthier lifestyle, it is unclear how much weight he has actually lost. He could potentially still have a lot more to lose.

A Grown Up Now

For the most part, it looks like Billy Gardell has turned into a responsible adult now. In the Instagram photos, we can see that he wears a bracelet with her name on it and a gold earring. He also has a tattoo on his arm that says, “Pride.” While we know that he has always been very proud of his Italian heritage, we can now say that this is a grown up way of showing it.

His kids are also featured in the photos, with his youngest daughter, Maggie, in a headlock with her dog, Bo, and his oldest daughter, Olivia, sitting on his lap, seemingly holding her own baby brother, Charlie. In another picture, Olivia is shown holding Henry, who is wearing a Spiderman outfit, and it looks like this is where the bulk of the photo shoot took place. He also has a Christmas Tree shaped like a hand holding a heart with “Merry Christmas” written on it. What a great way to celebrate Christmas!

A Commitment To A Healthier Lifestyle

With all the hubbub surrounding his latest Instagram photos, it seems like the publicity has spurred Billy Gardell on to make a change. While we don’t know exactly what kind of change he has made, it is fair to assume that it has something to do with his diet and exercise. The photos have clearly inspired him to be healthier and they have also prompted his fans to come out of the woodwork and offer their support. It looks like he is finally taking the advice he has been given over the years and is willing to do what is necessary to reach his goal of a healthier lifestyle. Well, at least we can hope so!

Billy Gardell’s Instagram Is Now A Thing

While we can’t put the Instagram photo craze down to just one thing, it seems that Billy Gardell has sparked something in the zeitgeist. Since the photos were first shared, his Instagram account has been flooded with offers of praise and support. “You’re a wonderful father and husband,” one person wrote. “[W]ish you both a lot of happiness together.” Another added, “[Y]ou are a beautiful person inside and out.” And a third, “[H]opefully, those photos will inspire [your] fans to join you on your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

The Instagram post has likely been the most well-received of all Billy Gardell’s social media updates so far. While we are always hesitant to attribute a surge in popularity to a single thing, it looks like the actor’s recent Instagram photos have helped his already sizable fan base to rally round his side. It seems like the photos have struck a chord with the public and inspired them to support Billy Gardell in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. Well, at least we can hope so!

What do you think about Billy Gardell’s latest Instagram post? Was it a successful attempt at self-revelation? Do you think he looked better before or after his weight loss surgery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!