How to Lose Weight With CBD Oil

Most people have an idea of what CBD oil is and the functions it can perform. However, not many people know exactly how they can use it to their advantage and for what purposes it can be applied. In this article, we will discuss how you can use cannabidiol (CBD oil) to help you lose weight.

The Anabolic Powers Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been recognized for its anabolic qualities in the scientific community. Anabolic, or “building”, energy is defined as the ability of the human body to grow mass. Protein synthesis and breakdown, or more simply put, protein synthesis and digestion, are the two processes that contribute to the body’s anabolic capacity.

During protein synthesis, amino acids (the building blocks of protein) are derived from food that has been broken down by digestive enzymes. The amino acids are then combined by the cells in the body to form proteins that are necessary for the maintenance of life functions. The process of protein synthesis can be accelerated by insulin, which is responsible for transporting amino acids into cells for further protein synthesis. (1) (2)

In addition to insulin, cortisol also plays a significant role in protein synthesis. Naturally produced by the body in response to stress, cortisol promotes the storage of food in the human body by stimulating the appetite and encouraging the consumption of food. Furthermore, cortisol encourages protein synthesis. When the body is exposed to cortisol, it reacts by increasing the efficiency of protein synthesis and breaking down stored body fat. (1) (3) (4)