How to Lose Weight with Pooping?

In our quest for sustainable, eco-friendly, and green living, some of us are turning to alternative methods of weight loss. One such method is through pooping. Many credit the practice with helping them lose weight, so much so that it has become a popular trend among millennials. However, does pooping really work? Can it replace going to the gym? Let’s dive into the science behind this intriguing question.

What is Pooping?

Put simply, pooping is the process of eliminating waste products from our bodies. It involves, literally, going to the bathroom and expelling the contents of your bowels. Now, this may not seem like a topic that warrants scientific study, but there are actually many theories and methods behind why pooping can be effective for weight loss. Here are just a few of them.

Increased Fiber Consumption

This one may come as no surprise to you. After all, when you poop, you’re likely to be consuming more fiber than usual. This in turn can trigger a number of positive digestive reactions in your body. For example, the fiber in broccoli triggers the release of cholecystokinin, which is a hormone that helps regulate the appetite. The fiber in oats inhibits enzymes that break down carbohydrates, meaning that your body will burn more calories during digestion.

Reduced Stress Levels

Research has shown that eliminating waste products through pooping reduces stress levels. In one study, 60 individuals reported that pooping aided in their reduction of stress. Similarly, in another study, 55 participants stated that pooping helped reduce their anxiety. What’s more, the act of popping itself is said to reduce stress. According to experts, this is because pooping allows you to clear your mind of numerous toxins that clog it up. This in turn makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own body.

Improved Cognitive Function

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the term brain fog. This is when your thinking skills are somewhat hampered by a poor mental state. To an expert, brain fog is akin to having amnesia or being on the moon in a toxic cloud. In one study, 40 individuals with brain fog reported that pooping reduced their condition. Furthermore, the act of pooping itself has been known to improve cognitive function. Many experts believe that this is because the poop itself is a form of exercise for your brain. According to studies, pooping can improve your neurological health by increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Thus, getting rid of poop is said to be essential for neurological health.

More Energy

You may be familiar with the expression ‘energetic bowel movement’. According to Chinese medicine, we all have a special organ called the ‘stomach’ that acts as an energy hub, converting food into usable energy for our bodies. For some individuals, this energy is not utilized effectively, resulting in them having low energy levels. Does pooping help improve energy levels? Most likely, yes. In one study, 48 participants reported that pooping increased their energy levels. What’s more, many of them stated that as soon as they popped, they experienced a burst of energy that lasted for hours. This is because pooping allows your body to release toxins that build up over time, resulting in you having a more youthful appearance.

How to Poop?

Let’s get down to business. How does one poop? It’s actually quite simple. All you need is a stool and a pencil. You can start by visiting the bathroom before you eat. In doing so, you will eliminate the need to poop during your meal. Therefore, pooping is considered an oral exercise. However, you can still go down to the stool if you feel like pooping after eating. In many cultures, the term ‘pooing’ is used as a verb, meaning to eliminate waste products through pooping. Now, you may wonder whether you should poop once a day or once every 2 days. The answer, according to experts, depends on whether you have a healthy or unhealthy bowel movement. If you have a healthy bowel movement, pooping once a day is sufficient for you. However, if your bowel movement is not as healthy as it could be, then you may need to poop more often than once a day. In either case, the more you poop, the more you’ll notice a difference. This is because pooping is an essential part of shedding off the weight that your body gained during the months leading up to your last medical checkup.

The Upside

Many people experience beneficial effects from pooping, leading to the practice becoming a popular trend among millennials. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of these individuals suffer from obesity or diabetes and are seeking alternative methods of losing weight. Experts believe that pooping can reduce these chronic conditions, resulting in them having a more active and healthy life style.

While the research is still in its infancy, let’s not underestimate the role that pooping can play in rejuvenating our lives. Many people are realizing that pooping is a great way to get fit and flush out the unwanted weight. If you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s a short course on how to poop correctly.