Can Iron Pills Make You Lose Weight?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ll know that the road to success isn’t always easy. In fact, for some people, struggling with weight loss can be downright frustrating. But what if I were to tell you that there was a way to lose weight that actually worked for you? Might you be tempted to give it a try?

To find out, I spoke with Dr. Stephen Colbert, an expert in internal medicine and public health at Johns Hopkins University. He explained to me how and why regular iron pills could be the key to unlocking your fat genes.

Why Do You Think Regular Iron Pills Could Help You Losing Weight?

As a woman who has gone through menopause, I know how important it can be to have enough iron in your body. Without sufficient iron, you won’t have proper blood circulation, and that means you may suffer from anemia. Anemia is often associated with poor appetite and low energy levels, which means that it could be holding you back from losing weight. That is why I think that iron pills could help you shed off those extra pounds.

But why are iron pills special? What makes them different from any other kind of pill that might help with weight loss?

Well, first of all, they are more potent than most other weight loss pills. According to a report published in the journal Obesity, taking one capsule of ferrous sulfate at breakfast might help boost your metabolic rate by as much as 14%.

In addition, taking iron pills could potentially have positive effects on the heart. One study from the China Medical University in China’s Guangxi Province showed that, compared to a placebo, taking ferrous sulfate might help improve insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular health. The study authors concluded that the compound might be useful for treating type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Let’s not forget about the potential of ferrous sulfate to treat or prevent malaria, either. Malaria is a disease that is highly prevalent in tropical regions, making it one of the most serious global health issues today. Malaria can be prevented by taking regular medication, and although there are no specific studies supporting the ability of ferrous sulfate to prevent or fight malaria, it cannot be excluded that it has such a property. What’s important is that, even though there is not much scientific evidence at this point to support the use of ferrous sulfate for weight loss, it is still considered to be a first-line therapy for treating anemia in regions where malaria is common. I think it is time to give regular iron pills a try and see if they can help you lose weight.

How Long Does It Take For Ferrous Sulfate To Start Working?

It takes about two weeks to start feeling the effects of ferrous sulfate, so you might want to start taking it after you’ve completed a weight loss routine for two weeks. Otherwise, it could be difficult to tell if you’re actually losing weight because of the pill or because of the diet and exercise program you’re following.

In addition, it’s important to realize that you might not experience the same effects from one capsule to the next. After you’ve taken the medication twice, you should begin to see improvements in your health. However, it could be a while before you start losing significant amounts of weight.

Is It Safe To Take Ferrous Sulfate Daily?

Yes, as long as you take it appropriately. Most individuals with regular iron supplements in their system do not experience any adverse effects from the compound. The exception is people with kidney disease, in which case ferrous sulfate should not be taken because it could aggravate the condition. In addition, it is generally not recommended to take ferrous sulfate if you are taking certain medications or supplements that could interact with it. Those who are on certain medications could experience adverse effects because of the pill. It is also not recommended to take ferrous sulfate if you are already taking an iron supplement, as it could potentially cancel out the effects of the other pill.

Do You Have To Take It With Food?

No, you do not have to take it with food. It is generally recommended to take ferrous sulfate at least 30 minutes before a meal, so that it can sufficiently absorb into your system. If you remember, when we discussed why regular iron pills could be beneficial for your health, I mentioned the potential to improve insulin sensitivity and blood circulation. For that reason, it is recommended that you take ferrous sulfate at least 30 minutes before a meal. If you do not, you risk missing out on some of the benefits that the compound has to offer.

In addition to having positive effects on health, regular iron pills could potentially be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight. But just like any other dietary supplement or pill, taking ferrous sulfate could potentially have side effects, so you need to be aware of and monitor any symptoms that it might cause.

For more information about ferrous sulfate, visit its Medline entry or try this reputable manufacturer’s website. You can also call them at (800) 331-2069 for more details or to buy the product.