Can Cold Showers Help You Lose Weight?

Summer is almost gone and the temperature is dropping steadily each day. While it’s still relatively warm in the morning, by noon you’ll be feeling a chill as the temperature drops and the air becomes thicker. It’s probably not a bad idea to prepare for the coming winter season and lose some weight before the end of October.

Why cold showers and what exactly can they do for you that a warm shower couldn’t?

Relaxing And Calming

One of the best things about taking a cold shower is how calming and relaxed it is. The ice-cold water trickles down your spine and relaxed muscles make you feel like you’re in a trance. If you’ve got tension in your body, taking a cold shower can help relieve it. The gradual temperature change of the cold water is also calming and provides an alternative to an instantaneous jolt of electricity (via a hot shower).

In addition, the evaporation of water from your body is another cooling mechanism that could help you stay cool during those hot summer days. The evaporation process pulls heat from the air and transfers it to the surface where it can be removed by the breeze. So while you’re showering, you’re also helping to cool down the room a bit.

Improved Sleep

Did you know that many people report improved sleep thanks to cold showers? One study observed that men who took a 20-minute cold shower before bedtime had significantly better quality sleep than those who took a warm shower before bedtime. The sleep quality of the men in the study who took a cold shower was comparable to that of men who went to sleep in a sauna after exercise. The reason for this is likely because a cold shower can stimulate the nerve endings in your feet and legs, increasing the temperature of the blood circulating in your veins and causing you to lose sleep. So if you’ve got a sleep disorder or just want to improve your sleep quality, try taking a cold shower before bedtime.

Weight Loss

Did you know that some people report that taking a cold shower can help them lose weight? The reason for this is simple. When you strip away all the fluff and distractions of daily life, you’re left with only what you really need. When you’re feeling especially bloated or uncomfortable in your own skin, a cold shower can help you get rid of some of that bloat and give you a better feeling overall. So if you’re looking to lose weight, consider trying taking a cold shower every day before or after work.

Vibration Therapy

Did you know that taking a cold shower can reduce muscle tension and increase relaxation? It’s been reported that muscles located near the surface where the skin meets the bone can be accessed through gentle vibration and stroking. One study found that 20 minutes of vibration therapy while in a cold shower increased the rate of relaxation by 25%. Another study found that this technique was just as effective when practiced outside of the shower. Vibration therapy is a natural therapy and a great way to relax and reduce muscle tension. So if you’ve got tension in your muscles and would like an alternative to over-the-counter pain medication, consider trying this out.

The list of reasons why taking a cold shower can be beneficial seems to be endless. It’s been known to reduce muscle tension, increase relaxation, reduce sleep latency, and even help with weight loss. If you’re not convinced that a cold shower can help you, I don’t know what else to say except try it out and see for yourself.