Can a Juice Cleanse Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, you’ve probably considered trying a juice cleanse. There’s a lot of talk about the weight loss benefits of a juice cleanse, but is it all hype? Is there any truth to the claims being made? We compared the ingredients of some of the most popular juice cleanses to find out exactly what makes them so special.

The Basics

Not all juices are made equal, and when it comes to weight loss, you certainly don’t want to skimp on the ingredients. The majority of juice cleanses contain fruit, vegetables, and herbs. They typically don’t contain any added sugar, though some do. This is essential because sugar causes insulin resistance, which can lead to weight gain. They cannot, however, contain caffeine, which is often found in energy drinks, because caffeine is a diuretic and cause you to lose water, which in turn makes you weigh more.

The Science

When you drink a juice cleansing product, the ingredients go through a process termed enzymatic digestion. The enzymes in the juice help break down and absorb the fiber in the food that you’re eating. This helps keep you regular, and the lack of fiber in the drink keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Some nutritional ­scientists recommend consuming at least six small meals a day in order to keep your body functioning at its optimum level. When you engage in this behaviour, it reduces your chances of suffering from obesity-related diseases.

The Cost

While juices contain lots of healthy ingredients, the cost of buying them in large quantities can be high. For example, a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice can cost you as much as $3.99, but a 16-ounce bottle of OJ from concentrate will set you back a whopping $7.49. The same goes for other popular juices. It’s no secret that the cost of living is rising, especially since food is a significant portion of your monthly budget. If you’re really determined to lose weight, consider using a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh, which will send you fresh, made-to-order meals, delivered to your home.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to lose weight, you can’t beat a juice cleanse. The good thing is that there are various types of juices specifically designed for weight loss, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs. In order to reap the benefits of a juice cleanse, you need to drink at least eight glasses per day. The longer you go without eating anything, the more weight you’ll lose! Just make sure that you’re prepared to drink a lot of fluid, as the 8-8-8 rule for juice cleanses states that you should drink at least eight glasses of fluid for every hour that you spend exercising. After all, exercise improves endurance, which in turn helps you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, whether it’s a few pounds or even a lot of pounds, a juice cleanse may be the answer you’re looking for.