How to Get Rid of Your Underarms in One Week

If you’re tired of having saggy, limp arms at the end of each workout, then this week’s workout routine is for you. Thanks to some science experiments, we now have the ultimate 7-day workout plan to help you get toned and sculpt your arms – just in time for the warmer months. So read on and get pumped!

Day 1

Get up early and drink plenty of water before starting your day. You’ll be surprised how much hydration your body needs if you want to have energy-efficient workouts. Plus, being physically active in the morning has been shown to improve your mood and boost your immune system. After all, a good workout makes you feel better about yourself, and that translates to a better day overall.

Day 2

On the second day of the 7-day workout plan, you’ll begin by doing the following:

  • jumping jacks
  • meditation
  • planets fitness
  • burpees
  • ramping
  • crunches
  • stiff arm curls
  • push-ups
  • handstand holds
  • speed sleds
  • lateral running

After you do these exercises, you’ll move on to this week’s secondary workout:

  • wall balls
  • rope climbs
  • mat drills
  • inverted rows
  • planks
  • calf raises
  • triceps dips
  • horizontal pull-ups
  • lunges
  • diamond drills

If you feel that you’ve really prepared well for this week’s workout and want to give yourself a bonus workout, consider doing the following:

  • additional jumping jacks
  • additional meditation
  • additional planets fitness
  • additional burpees
  • additional ramping
  • additional crunches
  • additional stiff arm curls
  • additional push-ups
  • additional handstand holds
  • additional speed sleds
  • additional lateral running

We hope this article helped you learn how to get rid of your underarms in one week. As you can tell, this workout is intense but very doable. Don’t forget––as soon as your arms are sculpted, you’ll feel a boost of confidence that will inspire you to work even harder to maintain that sleek look.