Best Workout Videos to Lose Weight – What to Watch

Do you want to lose weight? Of course you do. All of us do. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just wanting to lose weight and being able to magically shift the pounds away. There’s actually a lot more to it than that. To help you figure out what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off, we’ve compiled a list of the best workout videos to help you get started. Whether you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds or want to try something new, these videos will guide you step by step with expert advice. Keep reading for more information on each one, or scroll down to the chart to see a full list of all the videos.

Full Body Workout Videos

If you’re looking for a workout routine that’ll help you lose weight without missing a workout, you should consider checking out full body workout videos. These routines are great because they focus on each major muscle group in the body, helping you to burn more calories and build more muscle as you work out. If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Biggest Loser, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The team of fitness experts behind the show will walk you step by step through an entire workout, guiding you and motivating you to reach your full potential.

Interval Training Videos

Interval training helps to improve both your overall cardio fitness and muscular endurance. During an interval training session, you’ll alternate between intense bursts of activity and resting or recovering periods. The best workout videos to lose weight use this technique, incorporating it into their routines. During the high intensity periods of an interval training workout, you’ll quickly lose track of time as your body moves at a fast pace. When the period of active recovery comes around, you may find that you’re feeling motivated and able to work harder than ever before. Interval training is a great option for those who want to lose weight and get fit.

Step Pumping Videos

Incorporating high energy work into your workout routine is an excellent way to shed off those extra pounds. A step pumping video workout is a great way to achieve this as it literally takes your workout outside, adding some variety and fresh air into the mix. During a step pumping workout, you’ll use your body’s natural stepping motion to climb a set of stairs as quickly as possible. The video will stop when you’ve reached the top, allowing you to take a breath and recover before doing it all again. While this may not sound like a traditional workout method, the combination of outdoor exercise and cardio work makes it a healthy option for those who want to lose weight.

Circuit Training Videos

Another great way to work out and lose weight is circuit training videos. These routines are designed to strengthen your entire body by working every major muscle group numerous times throughout the session. Many people confuse circuit training with weight lifting, but they’re actually quite different. While weight lifting focuses on the overall size and strength of your muscle, circuit training focuses on your body’s ability to perform at its optimum capacity as much as possible. If you’re looking for an intense workout that’ll help you shed off those extra pounds, circuit training is the way to go. Just make sure that you’re working at your full capacity and don’t push beyond what your body is capable of.

Yoga Videos

Even though we live in a modern world full of technology and conveniences, sometimes it’s good to go old-school and do things the old-fashioned way. Yoga is a great way to lose weight through both physical and mental preparations. Practicing yoga builds strength in your body while calming your mind, preparing you for the demands of everyday life. Plus, there’s no replacement for good old fashion sweat (gross but true). So, while we recommend you use technology to assist you in your fitness journey, sometimes you just need to put your phone down and enjoy a real workout.

Barre Chunking Videos

No, we don’t mean your usual weekly barre class. We mean barre chunking videos, in which you’ll use short bursts of maximum effort to lift very heavy weights. The term barre comes from French choreographer Georges Bizet (hence why we said it was old-school). Barre chunking involves using your whole body weight to lift extremely heavy weights in short bursts. Studies have shown that barre chunking helps to increase muscle strength and endurance, as well as decrease body fat. If you’re looking for an intense workout that’ll help you lose weight, barre chunking is the way to go.

Dance Videos

Dance videos are usually short (two to four minutes), highly edited, and use a variety of up-tempo songs to keep your attention. These types of videos can actually increase your productivity, concentration, and creativity, as well as reduce your stress and anxiety. Some researchers even say that dancing is as effective as medication in treating certain medical conditions. If you want to lose weight and need a workout plan, find some good dance videos and get your boogie on!

We hope this article helped you better understand the different types of workout videos available and how you can use them to shed off those extra pounds. Keep reading for more information on each one. And as always, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional if you’re not sure which workout plan is best suited for you.