8-Week Workout Plan to Lose Weight

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shed the pounds, then you’ve probably tried the popular diet trends that dominate social media these days. Maybe you’ve seen the trending topics on Twitter or Instagram: #keto, #plantbased, #gainshape, and so on. You’re probably wondering: Is this the key to weight loss?

While it’s true that there are hundreds of diet plans that can help you shrink your waistline, the fact is that none of these short-lived fads provide long-term solutions to people looking for results.

A more practical approach is needed. That’s where the 8-week workout plan comes in.

Why An 8-Week Workout Plan?

In the battle of the bulge, some guys choose to go for the quick fix and reach for the easy route. Those are the guys who try out the latest diet craze that promises to strip off those extra pounds in no time. For most people, this is more than they can handle in terms of long-term weight loss and so they crash and burn after a few weeks (if they even make it that long).

If you’re looking for actual results and to see how a permanent weight loss regimen can change your life forever, then an 8-week workout plan may be the right option for you.

How Effective Is An 8-Week Workout Plan?

The short answer is: It depends. An 8-week workout plan worked for Wes Bonome, a former pro basketball player, singer, and actor. In 2017, Bonome committed to a plant-based diet and lifestyle and lost over 40 pounds in just eight weeks.

Similarly, the plan helped professional bodybuilder and Fitness Instagrammer Joe Giraldo shed 22 pounds in 9 weeks. Between them, they have over 60 million combined followers. If you look at their Instagram posts, you’ll notice that they promote performance nutrition, muscle building, and weight loss without relying on any artificial sweeteners, dairy, grains, or gluten.

What Makes An 8-Week Workout Plan Special?

Besides the name, which should probably be changed to avoid any confusion with keto or macrobiotic diet plans, the key differentiator of this particular workout plan is its length. Most of the other diet plans out there claim that you can lose weight in a week, but then require you to follow a strict diet for the rest of the year. With that kind of plan, you’ll almost certainly gain the weight back as soon as you go back to your old habits.

With the 8-week workout plan, you’ll be able to eat what you want while also losing weight in a managed and sustainable manner. As long as you follow the simple guidelines laid out below, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle – and that, in turn, could lead you to a happier and more satisfied you.

What Should I Include In My 8-Week Workout Plan?

Like any other working out plan, your 8-week workout plan will depend on what you want to achieve. As a starting point, you should include any supplements or dietary changes that will help you toward your weight loss goal. For example, if you’re looking to shed some pounds and add some muscle, then you might want to try a vegan diet. There’s also the kombucha diet, which is a natural way to boost your health and lose weight.

Depending on your goals, you might also want to consider which exercises and workout routines you should include in your regime. If you’re really looking to drop some pounds and bulk up, then a strength-training program might be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to focus on health and feel better overall, then you might want to include some cardiovascular workouts in your routine.

When it comes to diet and lifestyle changes, there are numerous apps and websites that can help you keep track of what you eat. Trying to keep track of your workouts manually can be difficult, especially since you’ll be changing up your routine every 8 weeks. That’s why you might also want to include a tracking device (like a fitness tracker) in your bag to automatically track your workouts and offer some motivational feedback.

When Should I Start And How Long Should I Continue?

As with any other workout plan, you should start by doing some research into the best time to workout. Most experts recommend that you work out in the morning, before eating to reduce the amount of energy you need to shed. morning workouts also give you the best chance of sticking with your routine and avoiding any late-night snacks that might lead to binge eating.

If you have an evening workout plan, then you might want to consider cutting out the middleman and doing some research into when various animals workout and when they eat. For instance, dogs are typically most active between the hours of 5 am and 7 pm, so if you want to engage with your dog, then mornings are probably your best bet. The reverse is usually true for cats, so if you want to interact with your cat, then evenings are usually your best bet.

Once you’ve determined the time of day that you’ll work out, you can start considering how long you should continue. Some experts recommend that you workout for 30 minutes to one hour, while others say that you should work out for at least 90 minutes to get the best results. The more you go, the more you’ll see improvements and the faster you’ll reach your goals.

What About Equipment?

While we’re on the topic of equipment, it’s important to consider what you have available at home. If you’re looking to lose weight, then you probably don’t have the luxury of exercising at a gym, so you’ll have to make do with what you already have. If you can pull off a handful of pushups, then you can use that to your advantage by doing a few sets of ten every day. Or if you can manage a few squats, then you might even want to try and do a set of ten every day as well.

Beyond what you have at home, you’ll also want to consider what you have access to at work. For instance, if you work in an office, then you might want to bring in a set of dumbbells so that you can do some curls with them while you’re doing some research. Or if you work in a lab, then you might want to get a set of weighted vests so that you can do some serious weight lifting while under the supervision of a professional.


Overall, the 8-week workout plan is a pragmatic approach to sustainable and effective weight loss. Depending on your goals, you might want to include different exercises and workouts to help you get there faster. As always, you should start off by doing some research into what would suit your needs best and what works best for other people. Once you’ve found the right combination, you’ll feel better and look better, and that’s all it takes to feel like a new person.