30 Day Lose Weight Challenge – My Plan to Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days

I’m Mel, and I want to help you lose weight. Today, I’m going to walk you through a plan that will help you lose 30 pounds in the next 30 days – guaranteed!

The Basics

This plan starts with some basic diet and exercise guidelines. I want you to understand that if you decide to follow this plan, you’re taking the first step towards weight loss. This plan doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to lose a certain amount of weight, but it does guarantee that you’re going to make changes in your diet and exercise habits that will help you lose weight.

Diet and exercise are both important, and if you decide to fight obesity, you need to pay attention to both. On that note, here’s a recap of what you’ll need to know about diets and exercise from the get-go.

The Basics Of Diets

Many people think that diets are only useful for losing weight, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Diets can be incredibly helpful for lots of things – from brain function to cancer prevention. Diets can even help men enhance their performance in bed!

It’s important to understand that not all diets are created equal, though. There are plenty of diets out there that will help you lose weight, but if you want to keep your weight loss sustainable, you need to choose a healthier option. Avoid diets that are high in sugar and fat, and make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

The Basics Of Exercise

Exercise is another important tool in your weight loss toolkit. Not only will exercise help increase your body’s metabolic rate, it will also help reduce your appetite. This makes it much easier for you to stick to your diet when you’re on the go, and it helps to boost your confidence as you lose weight.

There are tons of different types of exercise out there, but none of them are created equal. If you want to lose weight and maintain your health, you need to be sure that you’re doing the right kind of exercise for your body type. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight and look like a big guy, you should be doing lots of push ups and squats. If you’ve been inactive for most of your life, you may not know what kind of exercise is best for you, so it’s important to experiment with different types of exercise to see which one(s) work best for you.

Get A Supportive Partner

Diet and exercise are two important pillars of sustainable weight loss, but they’re not something that you should be doing on your own. If you want to get the full effect of these changes, you’re going to have to be working with a partner who is supportive and willing to help you keep your weight loss goals. If you’re alone, it’s much harder to stay motivated, and you’re much more likely to give up when you encounter a bump in the road.

The person you choose to work with should be a healthy, balanced individual who is committed to your success and is willing to help you create a plan that will get the job done. If you decide that this is the person you want to work with, give them a call, and ask them to set up a date for a quick 15 minute consultation where you can get all your questions answered.

The Goods

Now comes the good stuff! I’m going to reveal to you my top tips and tools that will help you lose weight quickly and easily. You’re going to love these items, and they’ll make the process of losing weight much easier and more enjoyable. So, here they are:

Caffeine – 200mg

Caffeine is an important part of your weight loss puzzle – it helps to prevent you from overeating, it ramps up your metabolism, and it improves your mental health. If you’re looking for a pill that will help you lose weight, choose caffeine instead of aspirin or vitamin C because it’s much more effective. It will help to keep you motivated, and it’ll help you enjoy your food. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach, and you’ll be set for the day. You can also buy caffeine in liquid form in convenient dropper-style bottles, which makes it much easier to dose as needed. Caffeine is extremely safe and non-addictive, so there’s no risk of overdose. Just make sure that you don’t drink too much caffeine, especially if you have liver issues or diabetes. Otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge yourself with a nice cup of joe.

Ceramic Nutrient Pad

This little device is going to change the way that you look at chewing gum. It makes the process of chewing much more enjoyable, and it also cleans your teeth of harmful bacteria. What’s not to love? Just make sure that you don’t overuse it, as too much chewing can lead to some serious health problems. You can use it for a couple of minutes after brushing your teeth to help reduce the bad ol’ bacteria that cause dental disease. You’ll also need to spit out the used pieces, so be careful with this one.

Green Coffee Extract

When I first heard about green coffee extract, I didn’t quite understand what it was or how it worked. Then, I had a chance to try it, and I was hooked. There’s some interesting science behind green coffee extract that alters your body’s hormonal equilibrium in a way that encourages you to lose weight. A few drops under your tongue every day, or in some cases, a few capsules with food, and you’ll begin to see changes quickly. The great thing about green coffee extract is that it’s non-addictive and has very few (if any) side effects. It’s also perfectly safe, so there’s no risk of overdose. All in all, it’s a miracle worker when it comes to losing weight.

Red Wine

This one may surprise you, but drinking wine can easily help you lose weight. It’s been known for quite some time now that alcoholics tend to have lower body-mass indices (BMI’s), and there’s a reason for that. Alcohol inhibits your appetite by increasing your brain’s opioid levels, giving you the munchies but also making you feel happy and sleepy. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of water while on this diet as well. Keep your water bottles next to your bed, and you’ll be glad that you have them when you wake up in the morning. Wasting a couple of pounds in the night is better than gaining them during the day. However, drinking lots of water doesn’t mean that you have to give up the booze. There are lots of low-alcoholic-content wines that you can enjoy, and it’s important to remember that they all have different effects on your waistline. You should always consult your physician before starting any weight-loss regimen, especially if you’re taking prescription medications or have a history of liver problems.

Chamomile Flower Extract

Have you ever tasted something that smelled so good but had such a strange aftertaste? That’s the taste that you’re going to suffer from when taking chamomile flower extract. This ingredient changes the way that your body processes sugars, so it’s often used to treat type-2 diabetes. It also helps with digestion and liver function, which means that it has the potential to help you lose weight. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how it works for you. If you’re not quite sure how you feel about this one yet, hold off for a couple of weeks and see how your body responds before deciding. Follow any type of diet that you choose or that your physician prescribes, and make sure to drink plenty of water as well.

Eat Real Food

There’s plenty of fad diets that claim to help you lose weight quickly – but the truth is that most of them are not all that effective. If you want to lose weight effectively, it’s important to eat real food that provides your body with necessary nutrients. You shouldn’t be afraid to eat cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets, for example, as long as you’re not having them every day. It’s also important to note that certain foods have more calories than others, so if you want to lose weight, you need to be mindful of what you’re eating. For example, a 100-calorie drink can have the same effect on your waistline as a doughnut (about 150 calories). It’s all about what you’re comparing it to – apples vs oranges, in this case. When you eat real foods that provide your body with nutrients and only nutrients, you’re going to feel better and you’ll have more energy, too. You’ll also be able to keep the weight off much longer than you would if you were following a fad diet.